Which are the highest RTP video slots from NetEnt?

Which are the highest RTP video slots from NetEnt?

Almost 130 video slots are available at the NetEnt Casinos today, with a good number of new innovative games launched each year! The NetEnt Games offering also includes table games. While high volatility is very popular these days, players never forget about a high RTP either. It indicates what percentage of the bets is paid back to the player. It can be as low as 90% with some suppliers, but the RTP of the NetEnt slots show an average of between 96% and 98%.

Is the RTP of a video slot important?

When, in general, you can’t win 100% of your bet back, you want to be at least as close to 100%, right? Of course, the percentage doesn’t count for just one bet, but a greater number of bets, but you get the idea.

RTP, or Return to Player, refers to the measure of the percentage of stakes that is returned to the player through the wins on one particular video slot.

Of course, you don’t receive 97 cents back from each euro you bet, so we’re speaking about the theoretical RTP.

For a short play session, this can be very far from the theoretical RTP value. Let’s say you do a session that involves 100 euros. In the end, you leave the session with 70 euros. This means your actual RTP is 70%.

For the same fact, you played with 100 euros, and you leave the session with 130 euros. In that case, the actual RTP is 130%. The “you win some, you lose some” effect.

Remember this when you see the RTP of a NetEnt video slot and while looking for the highest RTP video slots. It’s the average RTP after a very long run of game rounds and is not to be taken as the actual RTP. Nevertheless, the higher the RTP, the less you lose in the long term.

As an answer to the question, I would use it more as an indication, as it is not the most important detail of a video slot.

What else do I look at other than the RTP of video slot?

Whether a NetEnt slot is a game worth playing, depends on many details. Besides the RTP, it is also worth looking at the volatility of the video slot. Some websites also mention the Hit Frequency (%) while for me, it is most important that you feel comfortable with the bets, theme, and gameplay.

The key to slot happiness is enjoying the games you play. Don’t stare blindly at the details of a video slot if the theme and gameplay aren’t really your cup of tea.

On our website, you find a free demo with each slot review. A free demo gives you a great opportunity to try a game and see if it is what you’re looking for. You can experience the theme, and try a few different bets. Perfect to see what bet fits you best, to make sure your play session is not over after 10 bets.

Low, medium or high Volatility?

There are low, medium and high volatility NetEnt slots available. Low, medium, and high volatility video slots I would describe like this:

Low volatility: More frequent wins, but lower payouts
Medium volatility: Medium frequent wins with medium payouts.
High volatility: Less frequent wins, but higher payouts

There’s no easier explanation than this. If you go for high volatility video slots, you can expect fewer wins. In exchange, you can expect high wins. Not at all an advantage for players that just want to hit that spin button a few times, but for more experienced players, high volatility can definitely bring an advantage in the long run.

Max win

It’s generally known that jackpot slots give you the opportunity for a massive win! Therefore, many forget that some of the regular NetEnt slots have a tendency to pay out big as well. Not millions, but there are a few NetEnt slots that are known for their outstanding Max Win.

Some of them offer you a chance to win back your bet, multiplied by thousands. In this article, I will also mention the volatility and Max Win of the highest RTP video slots.

The highest RTP video slots from NetEnt:

Blood Suckers slot highest RTP video slots

Blood Suckers™ video slot 98%

Max Win 900x your betLow volatility

Whilst some slot games will suck your casino account balance completely dry in no time, thanks to the 98% payout percentage of the Blood Suckers™ slot you will have more than enough winning chances when playing this vampire-themed bonus game awarding NetEnt slot.

Vampire–themed slots have always been a huge success, but what is notable for Blood Suckers™ is that it features an outstanding RTP of 98%. Packed with gore, ghouls and ghostly happenings, Blood Suckers™ slot is not for the faint-hearted. 

Secrets of Atlantis™ video slot 97.07%

Max Win 1600x your betMedium volatility

Of all the highest RTP video slots, this one is the most refreshing. The deeper you dive, the colder it gets, but the atmosphere is worth it! The Secrets of Atlantis™ slot takes you to the deepest of the sea, where the lost island of Atlantis looks like it existed for real.

After I’ve had a good look into Plato’s dialogues in which he mentions the island, I just don’t believe that Atlantis ever existed. Probably also the reason for NetEnt to unlock the mystery surrounding the lost island of Atlantis.

Steam Tower™ video slot 97.04%

Max Win 14,000x your betMedium volatility

Set in an alternate, futuristic version of 19th century Victorian England, you enter a steampunk video slot. In the style of Will Smith’s Wild Wild West, Hugo, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of shadows, you might recognize the style.

Besides its original theme and design, the Steam Tower™ slot includes an amazing combination of slot features, including the Steam Tower™ feature. 

Jack Hammer 2 slot highest RTP video slots

Jack Hammer 2™ video slot 97.07%

Max Win 1,980x your betLow volatility

Jack Hammer 2™ the second slot where we see detective Jack Hammer in action. This time with 99 bet lines and thrilling features like Sticky Win, Wilds and Free Spins.

Exhilaration reaches a peak when the Free Spin wins are doubled thanks to a x2 Multiplier. The popular Sticky Wins™ feature from the first game is still there, and the additional Random Wilds during Free Spins make this one of the best highest RTP video slots.

Classic NetEnt slot with a high payout percentage

Mega Joker high RTP classic slots

Mega Joker™ slot 99%

Max Win: Progressive JackpotHigh volatility

The Mega Joker™ slot has one thing that so far we have not found on any other online slot game, and that is a certified long term return to player payout percentage of 99%, you can make up your mind on whether this slot is worthy of your attention or not!

Would you believe it if we tell you that the payout percentage of Mega Joker™ reaches an overwhelming 99%? Players wish they could have more games of this kind, as they almost certainly have incredible winnings upon completion of their game session. Mega Joker™ offers each and every player excitement during the main game, Super Meter bonus game, and last but not least, a progressive mystery jackpot that is won on a regular basis.

Author: Joshua Harris