Tips for safe online gambling: setting casino limits

Tips for safe online gambling: setting casino limits

All good things in life come with risks! Let’s be honest, we all have to stray strong at times to make sure something doesn’t become a bad habit. Gambling is one of the habits we might like a bit too much at times. Unlike other bad habits, the majority of online casinos offer you a way to keep your gambling in control. It’s an offer you can’t refuse, or actually, you should not refuse! It truly helps to keep playing online casino games fun. This article is all about what casino limits are and how to set your casino limits.

Safe Gambling Tips-set your casino limits

Safe online gambling starts with protection

At the beginning of the online casino era, it was quite a jungle out there. Gambling regulations were something of the future. However, right now, more and more countries are in the process of regulating online gambling or already did.

This means, that all online casinos active in the industry have one or more casino licences in either an iGaming jurisdiction or in a regulated country they are active in.

There is no universal iGaming law in the world. Each country either regulated online gambling, prohibits online gambling or tolerates online gambling.

So you might not be protected by online gambling regulations in your country. If so, it’s the jurisdiction the online casino was granted a licence that’s protecting you as a player.

One way or another, you are protected. Not only by regulations, also by many of the online casinos. The majority of the online casinos offer you certain functions within your account that can help you control your gambling.

Our list of trustable NetEnt Casinos might not be the longest of them all, but at least we make sure that the online casinos that we do have in our list are brands that do offer the functions needed for safe online gambling.

So whatever online casino you pick from our website, you can be sure that are licenced within Malta and/or the UK for protection. They also offer you a chance to set your limits to secure responsible gambling.

What are casino limits exactly?

With each online casino, you register for a personal casino account. It’s from that moment that you can deposit money into your account and play casino games with real money.

When opening this casino account, pre-set limits are in place. These pre-set limits are there for you to change them whenever you feel like it. I recommend setting your casino limits the moment your account is approved. Setting your casino limits is important to prevent any untenable losses.

The reason online casinos promote setting your casino limits is that online gambling should only be treated as a source of entertainment. Not a source of income!

You win some, you lose some, that’s how it works. But when you lose some, it’s important you can comfortably lose. Therefore, it’s necessary that you play with money that you can afford to lose.

If you’re unsure what your budget is or how to calculate it, a great place to start is by finding out what your Discretionary Income is. This is the amount of money that you have left over from your Stable Income after all of your monthly outgoings have been taken care of (i.e. Bills, mortgage, rent, utilities etc).

Your personal casino limits depend on your Discretionary Income. This is the amount of an individual’s income that is left for spending after paying taxes and paying for personal necessities, such as food, shelter, and clothing. It’s the money you can spend on luxury items or holidays, entertainment and other non-essential services.

What type of casino limits are available in your casino account?

There are different limits available for you to set to your personal preferences. These are pretty standard at most of the NetEnt Casinos. Some online casinos might have other options available as well.

When you reach the casino limits you have set, the automated system prevents any further activity on your casino account.

Deposit Limit – to ensure you do not make any unaffordable deposits. Most important for every player is to set the deposit limit. The best is to base this on your Discretionary Income, or to keep it so low that you’re 100% sure the limit will do the job.Loss Limit – never lose more than you can afford.Pairing well with the deposit limit, you make sure your sessions are going to be nothing but fun. Set the right Loss Limit and you can be sure you never lose more than you can actually afford. Usually, you can choose to go for a daily, weekly or monthly option.Bet Limit – No more bets please! Because you are so smart to put a limit on the amount of total bets.This casino limit involves all bets you place while playing casino games. When a Bet Limit is in place, and you reach the Bet Limit you set, you won’t be able to place more bets until the reset.Time Limit – Prevents spending too much time in an online casino.Sometimes it’s not your bets that are the problem, but the time you keep clicking the spin button. In this case, the Time limit helps you not to spend too much of your precious time in an online casino.
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Author: Joshua Harris