NetEnt launches Space Wars 2™ introducing Powerpoints™ slots system

NetEnt launches Space Wars 2™ introducing Powerpoints™ slots system

It’s finally here! It’s today that NetEnt launched the first video slot with a points system! The Powerpoints™ slots system, to be precise, makes sure excitement grows with each stage in the meter you reach. Everything comes with points nowadays, and NetEnt saw it as a message to introduce its very point-saving system. It’s the Space Wars 2™ slot that has the honour to be NetEnt’s first Powerpoints™ video slot. The game is now available at the NetEnt Casinos!

What is the Powerpoints™ slots system all about?

With everything in life coming with points, it’s only logical that you can earn points in a video slot. I even get points buying fruits and veggies at a local farmer. My earned points eventually turn into a big fat discount. That’s how like it!

Saving points can also lead to rewards, and that’s exactly what the Powerpoints™ slots system is all about. You save points and with each stage you reach, you get an award. The Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ slot launched today is the very first video slot that offers such a points system.

I can’t stop playing the new Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ slot at Fun Casino, one of the NetEnt Casinos that has the game online. It’s available as a free casino game, and obviously as a real money game too.

When I am writing, I always try to play the games for free, so I don’t have to keep my eye on it all the time. It’s the best way to get to know a game anyway. It’ll teach you what bet is perfect for you to play with as soon as you open the game as a real money game. You also know what to expect.

I just can’t stop playing the game as the engagement is huge. You keep looking at those reels for clusters to form. Each cluster of three or more of the same symbols vertically on a reel or horizontally on a row make a winning cluster. Each winning cluster awards Powerpoints™.

A video slot with the Powerpoints™ slots system involved, adds the points awarded to a meter. During the main game, each consecutive win makes the meter go up for it to go back to zero in a no-win situation. During Free Spins, the meter keeps going up with each win for an amazing Bet Multiplier at the end of the Free Spins feature.

Space Wars 2™ slot Powerpoints™ slots system

Powerpoints™ slots system is truly engaging

In the above image, you see a print screen of the Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ slot. Above those colourful aliens and space rocks, you find a meter. This meter is where you save points for. The more clusters, the more points you see transferred to the Powerpoints™ meter.

In the above image, you see how that meter looks like. With at the bottom the points needed to get to the next stage. On top, you see the award you get when you reach the next stage.

The Powerpoints™ slots system is one of the most engaging slots innovations from NetEnt. You see the Powerpoints™ appearing on the reels after a win. You see them bringing the meter forward, while a Wild appears instead of the winning cluster. An avalanche is created and a Re-spin can cause a new win, new Powerpoints™, and bigger rewards.

Each stage awards a higher Multiplier, but do you reach a minimum of 1000 Powerpoints™, you activate the Free Spins feature.

During the Free Spins feature, opposite of the main game, the meter doesn’t fall back to zero after a no-win situation. It’s a Free Spins feature you hope to reach over and over again for big wins in the form of a Bet Multiplier.

Watch that meter go up thanks to the Powerpoints™ slots system! Enjoy that the excitement of reaching the next stage, hoping to reach that next stage as well. It’s truly engaging!

An intergalactic Powerpoints™ event

In the above teaser, NetEnt shows us what the intergalactic war is all about. In reality, it’s an intergalactic Powerpoints™ events, but in the background there are five teams involved. They fight for the powerful crystal. Because whoever controls the crystal, rules the galaxy!

As a sequel to the Space Wars™ slot, it’s no surprise to see our alien friends back on the reels. This time, however, we see the Brute Brigade, Tiny Troop, Big Mouth Mob, Hot Lip Legion and the Squid Squad!

Together they create an intergalactic Powerpoints™ event in which you walk away with rewards. So basically, the above teams work for you. They want to rule the galaxy, you want Powerpoints™!


Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ slot features

The intergalactic war takes place on a 6×6 grid in the main game and a 6×8 grid in the Free Spins feature. In both games, a cluster of at least 3 of the same symbols is a winning cluster, good for Powerpoints™.

On its own, the clusters are good fun, but we want more! And you get more in the Space Wars 2 Powerpoints™ slot! It’s not just the Powerpoints™ slots system you are about to enjoy, it’s also the many slot features added to the game.

Of course, they are part of the slots system. After all, a slot feature comes into the picture to increase the chance of a winning cluster. And each slot feature is helpful, but NetEnt also added combo’s which are even more powerful towards the Powerpoints™. Reasons enough to try the new game (for free) at Fun Casino or any other NetEnt Casino. It’s nothing but fun, and more fun!

Author: Joshua Harris