Monthly tournament Hyper Casino involves the best high volatility slots

Monthly tournament Hyper Casino involves the best high volatility slots

Some of the best video slots available in a NetEnt Casino are those with high volatility. Think of Dead or Alive™ slot and Jungle Spirit™, but also Piggy Riches™ and Pyramid™. These and a few more NetEnt video slots have been selected for the tournament Hyper Casino starts on the 1st of each month. The month July 2022 has been reserved for the high volatility video slots. NetEnt is famous for its high volatility slots and this month is a perfect month to try them out (if you haven’t yet).

Dead or Alive high volatility video slots

What are high volatility slots?

All video slots are the same, right? Wrong! It used to be like that. Classic slots had fruits painted on the reels and that was kind of it! For a long time, that was all there was, until some sort of video slots revolution happened, long after the first online casinos appeared online.

In 1994, the very first online casinos appeared online and in the almost 30 years that they are, a lot has happened. I don’t even know where to start! Of course, it all started with the classic games. But a few years later, when game developers for casinos realized online casinos were for real, things started to change.

Besides the classic slots, new games were developed. Instead of 3 reels, the new generation slots had 5 reels. Innovation among slots was all of a sudden a thing. Developers figured it had more possibilities with online development programmes like HTML and Flash.

By now, all online slots are developed using HTML 5. And the results are brilliant! But in between, thousands of video slots have been developed by tens of suppliers. For more than a decade, NetEnt and Microgaming were the only suppliers, but in the past decade, competition grew fast.

Now we have so many different video slots, with 3 reels, 5 reels and more. Nothing seems impossible when it comes to slot innovations. Even the volatility became important with low volatility slots popular among the basic player while experienced players are attracted to the high volatility slots.

The tournament Hyper Casino organises this month, is all about the video slots with high volatility. Therefore, you can expect big wins instead of frequent wins.

Low, medium and high volatility slots

To understand the volatility of a video slot, you have to understand what volatility is. Volatility can be used financially, but is also very popular when we talk about video slots.

In financial markets, volatility is the degree of volatility of the price of a share or other financial product.When it comes to video slots, volatility indicates whether the slot you want to play is a high-risk, medium-risk or low-risk game.

When talking volatility in a video slot, it also describes the frequency of winning combinations in comparison to the height of the wins.

When medium volatility, for example, the frequency and height of the wins lie between low volatility and high volatility. But do you prefer more frequent wins in combination to low wins, to keep the risk as low as possible, you go for a low volatility slot.

So basically, the volatility of a video slot relates to the frequency of the winning combinations generated in a video slot. The lower the volatility, the bigger the chance of a winning combination. The lower the risk. High volatility simply means that you can expect fewer winning combinations but higher wins. But it increases the risk of losing.

In short, it can easily be explained like this:

The lower the volatility, the higher the winning frequency, and the lower the wins (lower risk)
The higher the volatility, the lower the winning frequency, but the higher the wins (higher risk)

An even better overview:

Low volatility >>> high frequency of winning combinations >>> lower wins
High volatility >>> low frequency of winning combinations >>> higher wins

Rules High Volatility Slots Tournament Hyper Casino

Until the 31st of July 2022, you can enjoy the best high volatility selected for the tournament Hyper Casino started on the 1st.

You have a chance to enjoy the NetEnt classics Piggy Riches™ and Dead or Alive™. But also new slots with high volatility including Dead or Alive 2™, Jungle Spirit™, The Wish Master™, and Pyramid™ are available this month.

Pick your favourite high volatility slots to play at least 100 rounds. You can mix them up as long as you play a total of 100 rounds on the slots selected by Hyper Casino. Make sure you play the minimum of 100 rounds with a minimum bet of €/$/£ 1 and a maximum bet of €/$/£ 50.

It’s all about the most consecutive wins, so it doesn’t matter how big your wins are, as long as you have many in a row. So pick your preferable high volatility slot, play with real money and a minimum bet of €/$/£ 1, and try to get as many wins in a row as possible!

NetEnt slots:
Dead or Alive™, Dead or Alive 2™, Piggy Riches™, Jungle Spirit™, The Wish Master™, and Pyramid Quest For Immortality™

Other suppliers:
Book of Ra Deluxe, Raging Rhino, Montezuma, Donuts, Bonanza, Medusa 2, Napoleon, and 300 Shields.

Prize pool distribution:

1st: €/$/£ 1,000
2nd: €/$/£ 500
3rd: €/$/£ 250

Author: Joshua Harris