Hall of Gods™ multi-million jackpot is NetEnt’s highest with €3.6 million

Hall of Gods™ multi-million jackpot is NetEnt's highest with €3.6 million

NetEnt Casinos, offering the complete game suite, have an amazing four Mega Jackpots in their assortment. All of them, offer a progressive jackpot that climbs up into the millions. The Hall of Gods™ multi-million jackpot is the highest available at the NetEnt Casinos right now. However, it has been 50 weeks since the last time this multi-million jackpot found its way to a very lucky winner. That’s why players now look at €3.6 million win if they manage to break three shields in the bonus game (see image below) that hides a Mega Jackpot symbol.

multi-million jackpotWhen you hit that third Mega Jackpot symbol in the bonus game…

Last Hall of Gods™ multi-million jackpot win

The smallest win on the Hall of Gods™ slot since its launch in 2010 is €608.749. That’s not a multi-million jackpot, but that’s only because this jackpot starts at €100.000 after a win. But in no time, the jackpot reaches its first million to grow even higher and faster.

It’s almost never that a win on the Hall of Gods™ slot isn’t a multi-million jackpot. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it simply means that the chance it’s higher than €2 million is bigger.

Take the last multi-million jackpot win, which is also the last Hall of Gods™ win, that shows a win of €7.6 million. That’s definitely a multi-million jackpot win. The same goes for the past five Mega Jackpot wins, as the lowest of them shows €2.7 million.

With wins between €2.7 million and €7.6 million, it’s no secret that the Hall of Gods™ slot can find a winner soon. It’s never a promise! It doesn’t work like that, but with each week that passes, this jackpot is becoming hotter and hotter!

Especially if you know that the average time this multi-million jackpot from NetEnt needs to be hit is 30 weeks. We’re in week 50 now!

Two more jackpots

I already mentioned that the Mega Jackpot linked to Hall of Gods™ slot, offering a multi-million jackpot, starts €100,000. That’s the main aim of the game, right?

But while you aim to win that gigantic jackpot, you should not forget about the general wins on the Hall of Gods™ slot, as well as two smaller local jackpots:

– Midi Jackpot which starts at €5,000
– Mini Jackpot which starts at €100

The difference between the multi-million jackpot and the Mini and Mini Jackpots:

The Mega Jackpot is a network jackpot.A network jackpot, as the name refers to already, comes together with the bets of players at all NetEnt Casinos that offer the Hall of Gods™ slot.The Midi and Mini Jackpots are local jackpots.A local jackpot is created with the contributions of local players only.

How to win the Hall of Gods™ multi-million jackpot

The chance you win while you play the Hall of Gods™ slot is definitely there. You play responsibly, you increase the chance to win a big win, one of the local jackpots, and with lots of luck even the Hall of Gods™ multi-million jackpot.

Playing responsibly means you only spend money you can miss and use a bet that fits your budget. Make sure you play with a bet you can afford, and don’t waste it all on a few bets.

Nowadays, everything is about sustainability. And playing video slots online is not so different. You don’t spend money you can’t miss and you only play when possible, you can have a long term relationship with a casino game, or online casino, for that matter.

In the end, a responsible player increases its chance of becoming a big winner, while those that got into problems, have to stop playing.

That’s why my first answer to the above question is: start with playing responsibly!

NetEnt's Hall of Gods™

Get into the bonus game

While I believe that a responsible gaming attitude increases the risk of winning big at one point, there’s no chance of winning a jackpot in the Hall of Gods™ slot if you don’t get into the bonus game.

Winning the multi-million jackpot in Hall of Gods™, all depends on you entering the bonus game. In order to activate the bonus game, you must activate the maximum possible 20 pay lines. Then you need three bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. 

During Thor’s bonus feature, you aim for one of the three progressive jackpots. You use the hammer to break the shields.

Meanwhile, you hope for three matching jackpot symbols, enough to win one of the three progressive jackpots. You either win one of the three jackpots or the amount that matches the coin wins visible!

Author: Joshua Harris